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Employment (1950 - Today)

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifa starring in Hairspray (first image). She played the role of Motormouth Maybelle - the host of "Negro Day". Queen Latifah receiving her "Hollywood Walk of Fame Star" after her Oscar nomination for Chicago - being crowned the first rapper to receive this honor. (2007)

Madame CJ Walker

Madam CJ Walker - 1st female to earn $1 million in business in the United States. 

This presentation is about the employment of women in the mid to late 1900s to today. We want to demonstrate what it was like for a woman in the mid-1900s to be employed, what kinds of jobs they held, their jobs compared to others, and especially their experiences within those positions. 

These women that we talk about aren't only women, they are African American women, and that means so much because having both of these traits puts one in the position to receive a lot of hate and oppression. Some of these statistics are horrid, yet some of them are very enlightening. It is very amazing to see how far African American women have made their way up in the world, yet we cannot forget that this group of people are still oppressed, in many ways.