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ETHN 1200 - Introduction to African American Studies (Fall 2015)

The purpose of the Digital Gallery project is to examine how certain artifacts can reflect particular viewpoints on the African American experience. In examining these artifacts, undergraduate students were asked to consider the point of the view of the people who created them and of the intended audience. At the same time, they were to provide some larger context for discussing the items that they selected. This context can come from class sources or outside research, depending upon their topic and their preference.

The pages displayed in this exhibit are select pages from three separate private class digital exhibits.  They are representative of the work that was done in each of these sections.  Various layouts of the pages reflect the original organization each group used in their presentation.  Minor editing was performed before publication of this exhibit.


Students in Dr. Thomas Edge's ETHN 1200 - Introduction to African American Studies (Fall 2015)

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