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1960s and Youth Culture

The 1960s was a complex time period, with its movements and culture extending beyond the end of the decade. The pages that follow provide an exploration into some of the social issues that dominated the time period, such as racism, the Vietnam War, and police brutality, as well as the feminist, drug and counterculture movements. Young people, or the baby-boom generation, were key actors within many of the events of the period. As 36 million Americans came of age by the end of the decade, America in the '60s was driven by a youthful culture that sought to change and reinvigorate every aspect of the country. 

Using the library archives at Bowling Green State University, the following exhibit features items of that time period, from newspaper and magazine clippings, to music clips, album covers, and artwork. As you explore, please be aware that an exhibit involving popular culture may include material with potentially explicit or offensive images.

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