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A. Schwartz, Bakery & Confectionery

If there is any one thing that is of importance to the average citizens it is to know where to get the best the bakery affords at moderate prices. The above is one of the best bakeries in the country, where the hungry wayfarer may obtain the most…

Agriculture Class 1916

The Agriculture Class from 1916.

Baldwin & Harrington, Attorneys

As civilization progresses the intricacies of the written law have so increased that it now requires a long course of thorough training to render one an able interpreter of the various phrases of modern jurisprudence. It was but a few years back that…

C. R. Cook, Livery & Bowling Alley

In the rear of the Hotel Brown on Court street, Mr. Cook conducts a well stocked and equipped livery, feed and sale stable, while his bowling alley is one of the best in the state. His stable is well arranged and stocked and besides furnishing the…