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A Determined Mustache

A mustachioed competitor shows his adversaries his determination.

A Dirty Loss

What defeat looked like during the Mud Tug.

A Gift for Reagan

Freddie and Frieda Falcon bestow a gift of a BGSU football jersey to President Reagan.

A Happy Loser

While losing meant a trip into the 8 ft of mud, there was always a smile of everyone's face during Mud Tug '65.

A Happy Snake

The students making up the Snake Dance show just how much fun it can be to be a serpent.

A Hard Swing

A BGSU Cricket player swings hard.

A Large Hat

A proud student shows off his rather large headgear.

A Li'l Abner

An athletic student posing in costume for Sadie Hawkins week, year unknown.

A Look at the Finish

The audience at the Beta 500 crowded around the finish line in hopes to seeing the winning team cross.

A Moment of Reflection

As commencement goes on, President Sidney Ribeau reflects on the events.

A Pair of Dancers

Jon Scott and Tanya Moody share a dance during the 1976 Dance Marathon for Muscular Dystrophy.

A Photo moment

A photographer is photographed in action as he snaps a photo of a few young men tidying up. A 'day in the life of...'