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1940's Dance Scene

Students attend a dance during the 1940s.

1940's Dorm

Young women gathered in a dorm room in 1940.

1955 Dorm Gathering

A group of students gather in a dorm room on November 16, 1955.

1966 Parade Float

A float pulled by a lawn mower makes it's way through the Homecoming Parade of 1966.

1970 Cricket Team

The 1970-71 BGSU Cricket Team: Bottom row from left: Errol Lam, Nobi Emmanuel, Ayo Adelana, Wally Campbell, Ellie Baueman, A. Thuracractsman, R. Sampson. Top Row: R. Rasich, S. Mozaffar, R. Evans, S. Singh, J. Chadha, and R. Winchell

1975 Poe Ditch Concert at Doyt Perry Stadium

Audience members climb the goal post for a better view at the Poe Ditch Rock Concert