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Current BGSU Presidential Residence

Home of BGSU President Mary Ellen Mazey

Hillcrest Fireplace

The fireplace of the Hillcrest presidential home during Paul Olscamp's residence.

Hillcrest Entertainment Center

A look at some of the personal belongings of President Paul J. Olscamp, as displayed during his residence at the Hillcrest presidential home.

Olscamp's Kitchen

The kitchen of President Paul J. Olscamp at his Hillcrest home.

Olscamp's Dining Room

The arrangement of the dining room of the Hillcrest home during Paul Olscamp's residence.

Olscamp's Living Room

The living room of the Hillcrest presidential home, during Paul J. Olscamp's occupation.

A Conservation with Ribeau

Sidney Ribeau chats with a guest at his Hillcrest presidential home.

Group at Hillcrest

Guests pose for a group photo in front of President Sidney Ribeau's (Far right) home.

Guests at Ribeau's

Guests attending an event at Sidney Ribeau's presidential home talk amongst themselves.

Ribeau and Guests

President Sidney Ribeau entertains guests at an event at his home.

Gathering at Hillcrest

A social event takes place at President Hollis Moore's home on Hillcrest.

Moore with Exchange Student

President Hollis Moore stands with his wife and a foreign exchange student at a party held in the student's honor at the Hillcrest presidential residence.