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African American Art

A student checks out the painting in an African American art gallery.

African Studies

Students running the African Studies table give out information to a curious passerby.

After the Ceremony

Attendants of the Inaugration Ceremony speak with President Ribeau afterwards.

After the Speech

John F. Kennedy speaks with some supporters following his speech in 1959.

All Dressed Up

Two excited participants show their style and fashion as they race down the road.

All Dressed Up

Students and faculty alike wanted to look good for the ceremony in December of 2000.

All Lined Up

The graduates sit neatly in lines awaiting their commencement.

All Smiles

Ed Whipple and Sharon Morgart smile broadly at the commencement of December 2000.

All Smiles for Homecoming

Five friends smile for the camera on Homecoming.

All Together

Group cheering at Dance Marathon.

All Together

Showing great chemistry, a team pulls in unison during the Mud Tug.

Allan Emery

Allan Emery, former Honors Program Director.