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Ronald Reagan at BGSU

Ronald Reagan, then President of the United States, speaks to the crowd during his 1984 visit to the campus of BGSU.

Reagan '84

During his visit to BGSU's campus in 1984, President Ronald Reagan is given a complimentary BGSU football jersey.

Baldwin and Students

Ethnic Studies Professor James Baldwin, center, walks with students on campus.

Baldwin in Class

James Baldwin, Professor in the Ethnic Studies Department, during a lecture.

Ethnic Studies Lecture

Students listen during an Ethnic Studies class as Professor James Baldwin lectures.


Students celebrate Homecoming at the annual bonfire.

Baldwin Laughs

James Baldwin having fun in one of his classes with the Ethnic Studies Dept.

75th Anniversary Fund

Dwight Burlingame accepts a donation to BGSU's 75th Anniversary Fund, a $35,000 gift from Xerox.

In-Class Discussion

James Baldwin during one of his classes in the Ethnic Studies Department.

Minority Affairs

Photo from the cover of the Minority Affairs brochure.

Class with James Baldwin

James Baldwin, Professor of Ethnic Studies, during one of his classes.

Theater Students

Alissa Vernon, Keith Glover, and Melissa Bichl in BGSU theater production "Getting Out."