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Hearing the Students

Richard Nixon listens to a student of BGSU speak at an event on campus prior to announcing his campaign for President.

Nixon at the Podium

Richard Nixon speaks to students and supporters at BGSU prior to starting his campaign for President.

Nixon Arrives

Future President Richard Nixon takes in the sights of Bowling Green as he gets out of the car on campus, accompanied by Ohio's U.S. House of Representative Delbert Latta.

Welcome, Mr. Nixon

Future President of the United State Richard Nixon paid a visit to BGSU campus in 1967, just prior to announcing his candidacy.

Reagan Arrives

President Ronald Reagan steps off his helicopter and greets on-lookers, beginning his 1984 visit to BGSU.

Thumbs Up from Reagan

President Ronald Reagan gives the audience at BGSU a thumbs up.

A Gift for Reagan

Freddie and Frieda Falcon bestow a gift of a BGSU football jersey to President Reagan.

Trademark Smile

Ronald Reagan flashes his patented grin to his BGSU supporters in 1984.

Crowd at Reagan Visit

A packed house awaits the much anticipated arrival of President Ronald Reagan.

Reagan meets Frieda

Frieda Falcon shows her excitement in meeting the President during Reagan's 1984 visit to BGSU campus.

Reagan and Frieda Hug

The crowd applauds as Frieda gets a hug from the President of the United States himself.

Charming the Crowd

President Ronald Reagan uses his characteristic charm on the BGSU audience.