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Kennedy Speaks

John F. Kennedy giving his speech on the campus of BGSU in 1959.

After the Speech

John F. Kennedy speaks with some supporters following his speech in 1959.

Kennedy Departs

Following his speech at BGSU, John F. Kennedy prepares to leave. Less than two years later, he'd be President of the United States.

Nixon Speaks

Richard Nixon speaking at an event on BGSU's campus in 1967.

Autograph from Nixon

A lucky student listens to Richard Nixon after asking him for his autograph.

In The Crowd

Students surge around future President Richard Nixon during his 1967 visit. Ohio's U.S. House of Representative Delbert Latta is to the left of Nixon.

Nixon's Autograph

An excited student looks on as future President Richard Nixon gives her his signature.

Looking Ahead

Prior to beginning his campaign for President of the United States, Richard Nixon paid a visit to the campus of BGSU.

Nixon and Students

Richard Nixon jokes with a group of female students outside of the BGSU Student Union.

Nixon's Speech

All cameras center on Richard Nixon as he gives a speech at BGSU.

Asking for Autographs

Students swarm Richard Nixon in an attempt to get his autograph during his visit to BGSU in 1967.