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Ford's Speech

BGSU President Hollis Moore looks on as President Gerald Ford speaks at Anderson Arena in September 1976.

Chatting Presidents

President of the United States Gerald Ford and BGSU President Hollis Moore speak candidly prior to Ford's speech in '76.

Cheering on Ford

President Gerald Ford plays to the crowd during his 1976 visit to BGSU. Hollis Moore, BGSU President, stands to the left of Ford.

Ford Arrives

Campus was abuzz when President Gerald Ford arrives in 1976 to give a speech on campus.

Ford and Jerome

BGSU President William T. Jerome speaks with then Congressman, and future U.S. President, Gerald Ford at a Greek Week Event in 1966.


Just prior to announcing his candidacy for President, John F. Kennedy visited BGSU and spoke to students there.

JFK and McDonald

Future President of the United States John F. Kennedy and BGSU President Ralph McDonald.

Kennedy Grin

John F. Kennedy flashes one last trademark grin at his BGSU supporters before leaving campus.

Kennedy, McDonald, and Schwyn

John F. Kennedy speaks with BGSU President Ralph McDonald and Vice President of the Board of Trustees Carl H. Schwyn.

Packed House for JFK

All seats are filled as John F. Kennedy gives his speech at BGSU in 1959.

Kennedy's Autograph

John F. Kennedy signs an autograph for a supporter. Ralph McDonald and Carl H. Schwyn, Vice President of the Board of Trustees, in the background.

Kennedy at the Podium

While he hadn't announced his candidacy yet, John F. Kennedy wasted no time in giving a speech to the campus of BGSU.