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Harman Kardon 100+ Quadraphonic Amplifier

The 100+ is a multichannel receiver containing four amplifiers and an AM/FM stereo. It has inputs for four speakers, and a sound field balance control. 117V AC, 200W

Pioneer SR-202 Reverberation Amplifier

The Pioneer SR-202 is a 9-watt, solid state double scatter amplifier. It is used to add depth and reverberation to audio outputs. Amount of reverberation and reverberation time are manually adjustable. 110/117/130/220/240V, 9W, 50/60HzSource: "Reverb…


Sansui AU-666 Amplifier

The Sansui AU-666 is a 240-watt solid state amplifier with a silicon transistor. It's frequency controls range from 30Hz to 15,000Hz, and has a -20db muting feature. 100-127 220-250V, 50Hz/60HzSource: Audio Database. "Sansui AU-666"

Victor SEA-100 Amplifier

The Victor SEA-100 is a 300-watt sound effect amplifier with frequency controls ranging from 60Hz to 15,000Hz. It has normal and high impedance features.


Sony TA-1120 Amplifier

The Sony 1120 is an 120-watt, integrated amplifier with an all-silicon transistor. It includes bass and treble tone controls. 117V AC, 40-260WSource: The Vintage Knob. "Sony TA-1120, TA-1120A."