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Dr. Champion to Chinua Achebe

Dr. Champion's book, "Mr. Baldwin, I Presume: James Baldwin and Chinua Achebe -- A Meeting of the Minds" discusses both writers time at BG.

Champion's initial proposal to Baldwin, with reply by Jay Acton

An 'exploratory' letter to James Baldwin, requesting his participation in a public lecture at the university.

University Lecture flier

Campus flier for "Passage to America" forum

To Baldwin from Florence Alexis

My dear James, I am writing these few words to let you know the pleasure and joy I had, we had when spending time with you. It is a very important event for me, a moment I will not forget. You are part of people (among) who connect (link) me to…

To the actors in "Message from a Region in His Mind" May 13-14, 1977 at the University

A letter commending the actors in their production of "Message from a Region in His Mind"

A. J. Vonier house, Archbold, Ohio

A. J. Vonier house, Archbold, Ohio.