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Exploring Aleppo: Two Americans Offer Tips on Sleeping in, Eating out, Drinking up, and Touring around

A travel guide to the city of Aleppo, Syria written by James R. Nesteby and Daniel C. Snell in 1983. The two men were Fulbright professors in the city at the time.

There's a service flag flying at our house / words by Thomas P. Hoier and Bernie Grossman music by Al. W. Brown;First line of chorus: There's service flag flying at our home.

March for voice and piano; Caption title: Cover illustration: Soldiers marching down a street with people cheering from the side and looking out of buildings hung with service flags / Starmer.; Back cover: Excerpt of From me to Mandy Lee copy 2 has…

Let's all be Americans now / by Irving Berlin, Edgar Leslie & Geo. W. Meyer

For voice and piano;Capition title; Advertising includes musical incipit for For me and my gal by Geo. W. Meyer; Cover illustration: Solider with rifle in the foreground and silhouetted marching army behind him with streaming clouds in the sky /…


Keep the trench fires going for the boys out there / words by Eddie Moran music by Harry Von Tilzer

Song for voice and piano; Cover title: Words by Ed. Moran --Caption; Cover illustration of a soldier sitting on a log writing a letter with four other soldiers in the background. Includes a photo inset of a unidentified young woman in the bottom…