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Toledo Publicity & Efficiency Photographs

The Toledo Publicity and Efficiency Commission took hundreds of photographs of the workings of municipal government, from 1946 to the early 1960s. Some of those photographs are highlighted in this exhibit. Full inventory can be found here. Please…


Aerial Tour

Maps and aerial views are a valuable resource for studying the growth and changes on a campus over time. This exhibit features views of Bowling Green State University from the 1930s through the 1990s. Some buildings have served the university…

U.S. Presidential Visits

Pictorial exhibit about U.S. presidential visits to BGSU.

Homes of the Presidents

The university has had four different residences for its presidents. Look through the exhibit sections to learn more about the history of each structure and the people who lived there. Resources: "Dr. Offenhauer Memorial Services at Chapel Today"BG…


Songs of BGSU

Songs of BGSU is a brief history of the different songs that have shaped tradition and the lives of students and faculty through the years. We include the alma maters, as well as some newer traditions.


Falcon Flames

Many alumni met their soul mate while attending BGSU or married someone who also had earned a degree from the University. A name was eventually derived for those couples who married where both individuals had BGSU degrees -- Falcon Flames. As of…


Library Memories

Welcome to the BGSU University Libraries' Memories site, created especially for current and former library staff and student employees! Enjoy the stories and pictures in this exhibit, and we hope you will add your own by submitting them toCentennial…


University Concerts over the Years

A closer look at some of the concerts that have happened at BGSU. More photos will be adding over time.