Curator's Statement

Curator’s Statement

I am proud of this exhibit, but want to note two particular shortcomings of it. The first shortcoming is that this exhibit is wholly shaped by my position as a hetero white male working within the academy. I have done my best to consult many sources and include many viewpoints in my research, but the result is inevitably shaped by my privilege.

The second issue to be noted is the lack of women of color represented here. This is primarily shaped by our collections at the Browne Popular Culture Library. We are almost entirely donor-driven, and we have too often not pursued or received donations that would have diversified our collections. This is an area we have noted and will actively work to correct in the future.

The Browne Popular Culture Library takes seriously its role in documenting and preserving the entirety of popular culture. We welcome any and all feedback and criticism as we attempt to do so.


Steve Ammidown

Manuscripts & Outreach Archivist

Browne Popular Culture Library