The Cornucopia

Thanksgiving greeting card cover

Thanksgiving greeting card cover featuring the image of the cornucopia

The cornucopia, also known as the horn of plenty, is a symbol of abundance and nourishment. The origin of the cornucopia is found in classical mythology. One story tells of the god Zeus breaking the horn off of his caregiver, Amalthea ("Nourishing Goddess"), a goat. This horn possesses the divine power to provide unending nourishment. The cornucopia has been associated with many other gods, especially gods like Plutus, the god of riches and son of the grain goddess Demeter and Fortuna, the goddess of luck, who had the power to grant prosperity.

The cornucopia has become a symbol of the American Thanksgiving holiday often depicted as a horn shaped basket overflowing with harvest. The cornucopia is also used in body art and during Halloween to symbolize fertility, abundance, and fortune.