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Legends & Traditions

Falcon Flames

Many alumni met their soul mate while attending BGSU or married someone who also earned a degree from the University.  Falcon Flames are couples who married and both individuals have BGSU degrees.  As of August 2010, there are 10,706 Falcon Flame couples living throughout the world.

The group is formally recognized as an alumni society through the BGSU Alumni Association.  Valentines Day cards and annual newsletters are sent to these couples which recollect countless love stories and chance meetings that resulted in a lifetime of love.

Snake Dance

This tradition began in the 1960s and continues today.  Twenty to thirty students would start a conga line and weave their way through campus, picking students up along the way.  Their final destination was a pep rally and bonfire held at Sterling Farms (now the site of the Student Recreation Center).  In 1975, Bowling Green State University entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest conga line with 3,376 students participating.

Alice the Theatre Ghost

Alice the theatre ghost is said to haunt both the Joe E. Brown and Eva Marie Saint theatres in University Hall. Who Alice is remains a mystery. Some legends say that she was an actress playing the role of Desdemona and was killed by a falling object during a performance of Othello. Other stories say she was a former theatre student who was killed in a car crash while returning to the University to collect her award for Actress of the Year. Superstition holds that Alice must be officially invited to all performances by the stage manager alone on the stage after the final dress rehearsal. Usually, a seat is left for her at each performance. Some students have claimed to see Alice in the theatre; one student even thought he saw her on stage during a performance of Othello. Regardless, if Alice is not invited to the performance, the shows can experience both minor problems and larger disasters.

The Prout Hall Ghost

Alice Prout Hall, built in 1955, was named for the wife of former BGSU President Frank J. Prout. A portrait of Mrs. Prout was hung behind the information desk of the hall as was always a little crooked. It is believed that Prout Hall had a ghost and whenever someone moved the portrait, something bad would happen. In the spring of 2000, Prout Hall was demolished, to make way for the renovation of the Student Union. Currently, the BGSU Bookstore stands in the location of the former Prout Hall, while the portrait of Mrs. Prout has returned to its home.