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The Falcon Tradition of Service

How can you stop a Falcon from serving their community? You can’t. From the founding of BGSU as Bowling Green Normal School in 1910, service to others has been a foundational ingredient at the University. Bowling Green’s early students were instrumental in improving the lives of Ohioans as they served as public educators in the state’s drive to make education available to all Ohioans. Since that time, the Falcon family of students, faculty and staff have contributed immeasurable benefits to the world.

Falcons have found many avenues to satisfy their need for service, including but not limited to active participation in faith communities, charitable organizations, and service in national times of emergency. The student body has established many colorful traditions to make a difference. Falcons have been pushed, pulled, poked, and pilloried for charity. Many have bicycled, tri-cycled, danced, ran, walked, or even crawled to raise money for medical research, family support, and other worthy causes. Falcons have tested gravity, as well as their own physical limitations, in order to give back. Others played football, basketball, golf, and any number of sporting events to raise funds and community awareness of those in need. They have volunteered to teach and read, to serve and protect, and even to risk their lives for the cause of humanity. The ways in which a Falcon gives back are innumerable.

BGSU’s faculty and staff have led their younger colleagues by example. While their contributions may not normally include being dragged through mud, being judged as BGSU’s “Ugliest Man”, or dancing for hours on end, there have been exceptions. Serving students dressed as Soda Jerks in the Union, or paying off a bet that includes a donation to charity along with a symbolic lawn mowing in front of Williams Hall come to mind. Why, a BGSU President was even jailed for charity!

Follow the story of Falcons giving back through the years, (you may see some familiar faces). Or better yet, send your own memories or details to this exhibit, so we can pass the Falcon spirit on.