Rare Book Bookplates


Charles Vere Dashwood Esq. Bookplate

Bookplates have been used for centuries by collectors to identify materials in their collections. These decorative labels are often found glued onto endpapers or inside covers. Often the design of the bookplate can tell you much about the individual who owned the book including their personal interests or philosophies. Bookplates also offer individuals visual timelines of provenance. It is not unheard of to see multiple bookplates in one book. Though the use of bookplates seems to be declining in recent years, some collectors are still embracing the practice.

This exhibition is a celebration of bookplates and offers a range of bookplates by style and era. Common themes can be seen in the collection including the use of mottos, floral themes, and even books themselves. All of the bookplates are from titles currently housed in the Rare Books division of the Center for Archival Collections, University Libraries.  Further examples of bookplates can also be found in the Browne Popular Culture Library and Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives.


This exhibit was created by the Center for Archival Collections in 2014.
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