A June 4th, 1975, edition of The BG News called the cancellation of the rest of the festival a “culmination of abuse” stemming from the organizers lack of planning of the Poe Ditch Music Festival. The P.A. didn't work so there was no way to formally announce the event was over. The remaining crowd grew angry and began throwing bottles at the stage. Someone tossed a molotov cocktail into the press box and it went up in flames. The angry crowd spilled into town. By midnight a wooster street bar called the Gigolo was set on fire and a hurricane of debris circled Perry Stadium and the surrounding area.

 In one glimmer of positivity, the Poe Ditch Music Festival was not a financial failure, despite the added costs due to the storm and rioting. Despite this, University President Hollis Moore issued a statement stating 'The largest scale rock concert experiment will not be repeated at Bowling Green State University. It was strictly a first time last time experience.'

Poe Ditch Music Festival Audio History

 In a collaboration between the NOICA project at the BGSU Jerome Library and the BGSU Public History Graduate Certificate Program, a 9 part audio recorded program called the Bowling Green Music & Cultural History Walking Tour, recorded a segment on the Poe Ditch Music Festival. This is the last segment in the audio tour.