Correspondence: Department of Ethnic Studies

Ernest A. Champion's initial proposal to James Baldwin

Ernest A. Champion's initial proposal to James Baldwin, October 7, 1976

October 7, 1976 

Dear Mr. Baldwin:

This letter is exploratory in nature and you may want to respond to it youself or have your agent communicate it with me.  It is also an invitation to Bowling Green State University to participate in a seminar-public lecture over a two day period, at any time between mid January and mid May.

We are prepared to pay you a fee stipulated by you or your agent, all of your travel expenses and other expenses during your stay here.

Bowling Green State University has a student population of 16,000 of which approximately 1,000 are black or other minorities.  We feel our students should be given the opportunity to meet and to hear from persons of such high distinction as yourself.  Your presence here will undoubtedly help the minority cause while it will also enlighten all persons regardless of race, color or creed.

Please give this matter your very serious consideration and we would like you to know that you will be well received because there is a very large audience awaiting to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

Ernest A. Champion

Assistant Professor