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The Browne Popular Culture Library at Bowling Green State University is home to a large assortment of collectables pertaining to U.S. presidential campaigns including these masks of President Ronald Reagan (top) and 50th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and 2012 presidential candidate Newt Gingrich (bottom).


The 2008 presidential campaign saw a multitude of collectables related to democratic hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama including these wrist watches from the WWW.TimeForAChange.CC website.


These collectables were created by Jailbreak Toys (the Clinton collectable was created in conjunction with the Brooklyn, New York, company FCTRY). The Barack Obama action figure (right) was created in 2007 with the slogan "An Action Figure We Can Believe In." Hillary Clinton's figure (left) was created in 2015 with the slogan "Ready-For-Action Figure."


These 'Obama Presidential Playing Cards' created by for the 2008 presidential election reflect the early endorsement by Oprah Winfrey as well portraying Republican presidential hopeful John McCain and sitting U.S. president George W. Bush as Jokers.

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