Elizabeth Boyer, the Women's Equity Action League, and The Fund for Student Mothers

W.E.A.L. - the Women’s Equity Action League - was created by by Elizabeth Boyer, a 1937 graduate of Bowling Green State University who went on to play a key role in gaining equal opportunities for women. She worked for equal educational and extracurricular opportunities and also focused in training women in the workforce and regarding child support laws. Most importantly W.E.A.L helped pass Title IX. Gloria Steinem, founder of NOW (the National Organization for Women) worked together with Boyer in order to achieve their goals. In 2012 Steinem made a visit to Bowling Green State University to give a keynote address about what she has done and what Elizabeth Boyer has done. Upon W.E.A.L’s closing in 2012 they donated their remaining funding in memory of Boyer to support the Elizabeth “Betty” Boyer Award for Student Mothers, which was established to support the academic achievements of student mothers at BGSU.  The award has since been renamed The Elizabeth “Betty” Boyer Award for Student Parents and expanded to provide support and honor the work of any full- or part-time student parent, regardless of sex or gender identity.

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