The Transformation Project

The Transformation Project was an important step for the Center. It was the only one in Ohio, and one out of twenty nationally to receive funding from the U.S. Department of Justice. The use of this grant was to create a violence prevention program on the campus in order to prevent future acts of violence. The Transformation Project included Michelle Clossick as the project coordinator, Deidra Bennett as the victim advocate, and Dr. Mary Krueger as the community educator. The overall goal of this project was to create a victim prevention and advocacy program, to “transform” the community through education and awareness. To achieve this goal the Transformation Project provided a series of events and programs. One annual event being “Take Back the Night” was held throughout the country and was presented on BGSU’s campus in 2001. The purpose of this event was to demonstrate the right of women to live without fear of rape, assault, and violence. Another event that was previewed before the founding of the Transformation Project was the Clothesline Project. Due to the Transformation Project, BGSU was now putting on the event sponsored by the office of Residence Life. Other small programs such as the Brown Bag Lunch Series made a reappearance and even small acts such as wearing a white ribbon to show support to end violence against women. Projects such as “Hands Are Not for Hurting” made their debut around the campus in an attempt to encourage people to think about all the different forms of violence that occur. Overall the Transformation Project had significant impacts to BGSU’s campus and the Center was just getting started.