The Early Years

During the early years of the Women's Center there was a focus in providing services along with educational factors. While the Center had many goals the top priority was inclusion. The Center was open to everyone and provided activities to draw people into the Center. Bag Lunch Specials discussed emerging topics on gender issues that needed to be brought to light and discussed. Chaz Bono visited the center in 1999 to talk about his experience coming out to his family and to speak abouthis book. The Center participated in different fundraisers to help organizations and raise awareness regarding topics on feminism. The Behavioral Connections Sexual Assault Awareness for Empowerment program displayed their Clothesline Project at the Center to raise awareness about the violence against women. The Clothesline Project was for all, it helped some heal from their experiences and it also showed support to survivors along with education. The first year of the Center was successful, they were able to reach the community as a whole and provide services and education to individuals who needed it. Campus organization were involved with the Center and held meetings in the space. Reaching undergraduate students on issues of violence prevent were introduced with the formation of the Transformation Project.