Building an Affirming Community for Women at BGSU

On top of the projects the Center was conducting they also incorporated community building events to show their support to not only women’s issues but social justice issues as a whole. While violence against women was a main focus for the Center they also placed emphasis on race, ethnicity, and incorporating intersectionality into those issues. Women’s History Month was prime for event planning including multiple speaking events, mixers, and attending conferences all in order to continue to build a strong community-based Center. Mental health played an important role into creating this community and the Center held numerous meetings and events relating to mental health. Body image and eating disorders was also a significant topic of interest. With the unrealistic societal ideals of what a person should look like the likelihood of someone developing an eating disorder had been increasing and the Center addressed these issues head on. The intersections of sexuality, race, ethnicity and cultural differences as they intersect with gender was a strong focus for programs and providing resources to groups on and off campus.