Flyers, Handouts, and Pamphlets

"People's Information Sheet" flier

A flyer titled the "People's Information Sheet" provided student protesters with self-defense basics, instructions if apprehended by the police, and tips for navigating the judicial system.

"DON'T TALK WHEN YOU ARE ARRESTED" urged one student flyer, scrawled in a mixture of typewritten text, pen, pencil, and marker. "A violent riot is always a possibility. Cops are scared of us in demonstrations."

Other pages offered advice if attacked with tear gas: "Do not rub your eyes... or wash them with soap: this can aggravate irratation [sic]. Instead, irrigate your eyes by squeezing water from cotton balls."

Despite that flyer's advice, no such violence broke out at BGSU. Most student demonstrations remained peaceful, with "Keep it Cool" as the student body's mantra.

In the wake of the Kent State Shootings, students from campuses across the country went on strike from May 7-8. Back home at BGSU, President Jerome's refusal to close the institution resulted in a flurry of peaceful demonstrations, teach-ins, and strikes. Namely, there was the Candlelight March, a reverent parade through the streets of Bowling Green marshaled almost entirely by students. 

The methods students used to advertise these gatherings, whether through handmade posters, typewritten warnings, or hastily scribbled notes, carry the passion of May's demonstrations with them even today.