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Artists' Books

Books bring pleasure into people’s lives often because of their intricate narratives or their ability to impart knowledge. But books can also bring pleasure because they can be works of art not only in content but sometimes because of their physical form. Artists’ books are creations by authors and artists that are not only artful in their verse but also their physicality.

An artists’ book can be as varied physically as a book’s genre. They can be in an unusual shape or made of a unique material. They are often released in small editions, by private presses, and valued sometimes more for their physicality than content.

This exhibition presents a few examples of artists’ books found in the Center for Archival Collections’ Rare Books and Special Collections department. The books in this exhibit range in form from miniature to fold-out. The materials used and the genre’s depicted are varied, but all of them can truly be called works of art.

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