Diana Ross & The Enterprise

Diana Ross and the Enterprise
  1. Diana Ross, Silk Electric
  2. Cross-stitch, Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Starship

Diana Ross, Silk Electric

What do a banana, Chairman Mao, and Diana Ross have in common? Andy Warhol. This Warhol silkscreen was created for the cover of Ross's 1982 album Silk Electric. And what an electric album it is: Flex your “Muscles”, go “Anywhere You Run To”, proudly declare “I Am Me”, and be a “Fool For Your Love”. Pull out those glittery boots, zhush your hair and your flair – it’s time to get Silk Electric!

Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives, Music 004, Music Posters Collection

Cross-stitch, Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Starship

When admiring the stitching of a Star Trek devotee, one wonders if the crafter imagined the starship Enterprise approaching Tantalus V, as it did in “Dagger of the Mind” Season 1, Episode 9.  Did the artist thread their needle with just the right color of yarn while daydreaming about yet another voyage of discovery to explore where no man has gone before?

Browne Popular Culture Library, Special Collections, Star Trek
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