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  • Collection: Centennial Memories

Experiencing War: A Project to Preserve and Make Accessible Oral Histories of World War II

This exhibit provides full digital access to the History 303 World War II oral histories (MS-0871). The oral histories were collected from 2000-2004 for a "History of World War II" (History 303) course taught by Drs. Walter E. Grunden and Kathren…


A Few of Our Favorite Things

For fifty years we have Collected items Researchers use them, our treasures Delight them Special Collections have most anything But here are a few of our favorite thiiiiiings

Northwest Ohio in The Great War, 1917-1919

World War I - known contemporaneously as The Great War and "the war to end all wars" - broke out in Europe in July of 1914. Prompted by the June 28, 1914 assassination in Sarajevo of the Austro-Hungarian Empire's presumed heir Archduke Franz…


Celebrating 20 Years of the Center for Women and Gender Equity

This digital exhibit features select items from the Center for Archival Collections' records for the Center for Women and Gender Equity(UA-0054), which document the establishment, evolution, and programs of theWomen's Center at Bowling Green State…

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Researching the Romance

As part of the Researching the Romance Conference held April 13 & 14, 2018, a physical exhibit was created to highlight the romance fiction collections of the Browne Popular Culture Library. This includes novels, manuscripts, original art, and so…


Native Americans in Popular Culture: Native American Heritage Month 2017

Drawn from the many different collections of the BPCL, this exhibit focuses on both positive and negative portrayals of Native Americans in popular culture. Subjects addressed include the casting of White actors in Native roles, the marketing of…


Distinguished Visiting Professor of Ethnic Studies: James Baldwin at BGSU, 1977-1981

2017 marked the 38th anniversary of James Baldwin’s first Visiting Professorship at Bowling Green State University. BGSU was the first American university to extend an invitation to the 20th-century artist - novelist, poet, playwright, social…

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Women's History Month 2017: Publishing Women's Voices

This exhibit scratches the surface of women creating and publishing content for other women in the 19th and 20th centuries. From Godey's Lady's Book to the zine explosion of the 1990s, women have consistently found ways to make their voices heard in…


BGSU in the Aftermath of the Kent State Shootings

“The next ten days will tell us more about the destiny of this University than anything that has happened before,” said Bowling Green State University President William T. Jerome from the steps of Williams Hall to a crowd of over 500 students. It was…


Romance in Color: Pioneering African American Romance Authors

Kensington Press was the first major publisher to begin a line of African American romance novels, Arabesque, in 1994. In the more than 20 years since then, the genre has exploded, with African American authors selling millions of books and topping…

A Family Tradition: Dora Giffen, Missionary to Egypt

Dora Eunice Giffen (1897-1982) was born on January 15, 1897 at the Pressley Memorial Institute (PMI), Asyut, Egypt, to missionary parents. A number of other members of her family, including her uncle John Giffen and his family, were also missionaries…

Missionaries in China: Through the Eyes of Grace McClurg Carson

Grace McClurg Carson was an uncommon figure for her time, and the choices she made allowed her to bear witness to some extraordinary events in world history. Born on April 26, 1884 to Eliza (Brown) McClurg and her husband, Joseph, she followed her…