Copyright & Use Guidelines

The Digital Gallery features reproductions of materials drawn from the University Libraries’ Special Collections units, including the Browne Popular Culture Library, the Center for Archival Collections, the Curriculum Resource Center, and the Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives. We welcome you to freely use materials on this site that are in the public domain, and to make fair use of copyrighted materials as defined by U.S. Copyright Law.


While the Special Collections physically owns all materials in the Digital Gallery, in most cases we are not the owner of the copyright to the materials. We use statements from to indicate materials’ copyright status and restrictions on use. Rights statements can be viewed in the “Rights” metadata field of each item’s descriptive record; clicking on the rights statement button will direct you to the full text of the statement on Rights holders for copyrighted materials, when they are known, are also named in the “Rights Holder” metadata field of each item’s descriptive record.

Please note that while rights statements represent our good faith evaluations of materials’ copyright status and use restrictions, we make no express or implied warranty as to their accuracy. Users intending to publish, distribute, reproduce, or otherwise use materials in the Digital Gallery for purposes beyond those allowed by fair use are solely responsible for determining whether any permissions relating to copyright are necessary for their intended use, and for obtaining all required permissions.

Privacy and Publicity Rights

In addition to copyright, materials in the Digital Gallery may also be subject to rights of privacy and publicity. The rights of privacy and publicity are distinct from copyright. Although fair use is a defense to copyright infringement, it is not a defense to violating privacy or publicity rights. Users are solely responsible for addressing issues of privacy and publicity rights relating to the use of materials in the Digital Gallery.


As a matter of good scholarly practice, when using materials from the Digital Gallery, please properly cite the materials and acknowledge the appropriate Special Collections unit(s) as the source. You are welcome to use the MLA-formatted preferred citations that are included in each item’s descriptive record, if applicable.

When using reproductions of copyrighted materials, you must also cite all copyright information and comply with all other terms or restrictions that may be applicable to those materials.

For additional preferred citation information, please see the webpage(s) of the appropriate Special Collections unit(s).

Requesting Reproductions

Materials in the Digital Gallery are available to download for free. However, please note that all materials in the Digital Gallery have been uploaded at low resolution for optimal web viewing and may not meet certain publication quality standards. Should you require higher-resolution copies of Digital Gallery materials, please contact the appropriate Special Collections unit(s) and specify the materials in which you are interested. Please note that requests for higher-resolution copies may be subject to the terms and procedures outlined in our Rights, Permissions, and Reproductions Policy.

Contact Us

We make every effort to provide accurate information about copyright owners and related matters pertaining to materials in the Digital Gallery. Should you have any additional information about a particular item, or if you are the copyright owner and believe we have not properly attributed your work or have used it without your authorization, we want to hear from you. Please contact the appropriate Special Collections unit(s) with your contact information and a link to the relevant item(s).