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Philips 212 Electronic Turntable



Philips 212 Electronic Turntable



The Philips 212 Electronic turntable is used for playback of 33 and 45 rpm records. It features electronic speed control with high stability of turntable speed. It also contains a "feather touch" on/off switch and rocker bar for silent operation.

Source: "Phillips bows new turntables; adds 'silent' two-speed unit." Tape/Audio/Video, Billboard, August 19, 1972, 23.


Plastic case and lid with metal components and stylus.


14 centimeters high, 39 centimeters wide, 34 centimeters long

More Information

"The electronic turntable" Stereo Review, January 1977, 27-28.
"Phillips bows new turntables; adds 'silent' two-speed unit." Tape/Audio/Video, Billboard, August 19, 1972, 23.  View at Google Books


This item was purchased new in the 1970s by the Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives at BGSU.

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