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Letter from Dwight R. Yates to his aunt Annie



Letter from Dwight R. Yates to his aunt Annie


Letter from Dwight R. Yates to his aunt Annie about the conditions at Santa Clara, his lack of stamps, and his eagerness to be home.


Dwight R. Yates papers; MMS-1805; Center for Archival Collections; University Libraries; Bowling Green State University



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Yates, Dwight Rezin




Santa Clara Cuba
Jan 24th 99

Dear Aunt Annie -received your letter a week ago but could not answer till I got a letter from Roxie with some stamps which I received this evening have been on Cuban soil just 20 days to day noon and have got enough all ready we have been faring awfull poor since we left Knoxville living most of the time on hard tack and coffee our Matalion the 2nd is camped 1 mile out of Santa Clara this is a much nicer city than Cien Fuegos we have been here at Santa Clara just a week this is a Cuban city they captured it from the Spandiards there is no Spandiards here our Company is doing provo duty up town since Friday we go on 5 hours at a time there is only 3 Companies here the pictures you see to home of these ancient cities describes them just right the streets are only 20 ft wide and the buildings are all made of brick their plastered on the out side no money would hire me to live here we are looking to be home by the midde of April we havent got our December pay yet we are looking for it soon the weather is very warm here through the days and cool at night cant sleep very good on account of the misquetoes and flees but I always think there is a night coming when the flees and misquetoes wont bother me what a grand old time that will be when I get home once more Cap Lee has got his discharge and gone home I suppose you are sitting around the fire shivering and I am sitting in my tent sweating like a good fellow it is awfull lonesome here we cant understand nothing they say if you see Roxie soon tell her I cant answer till Pay day for this is the last envelope I have only had 3 I got that box all right in Knoxville the pie was great also the cake and chicken never enjoyed anything better well this is all for this time it takes a letter 5 days to go and 5 days to come back write soon expect to see you all inside of a month and a half

Good Bye
Your nephew
D. R. Yates
[written in a corner is the following: Dwight R. Yates Santa Clara Santa Clara Providence Cuba Co D 6th OVI]

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